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Bear Shape Party Candle

Bear Shape Party Candle

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Fragrance Options

Size: 6.5*8cm

Fragrance Description:
1.Light Milk Flavor
The scent of light cream in the aromatherapy candle is a gentle and sweet fragrance, as if the fresh cream is lightly wafting through the air. This aroma provides a warm and pleasant feeling, reminiscent of the cozy atmosphere during baking. The top notes carry a fresh milky scent, the heart notes gradually reveal a rich creamy texture, and the base notes leave a lingering, subtle sweetness.


2.Vanilla Flavor
The scent of vanilla in the aromatherapy candle is a warm, sweet fragrance that brings a sense of comfort, as if it were the sweet aroma drifting from a serene vanilla orchard. The top notes reveal the fresh scent of vanilla leaves, the heart notes delve deeper, releasing the rich fragrance of vanilla seeds, and the base notes leave a lasting warmth with a sweet aftertaste.


3.White Peach Oolong
Top notes: white peach, fragrant mango, guava
Middle Note: peach blossom, sweet pear, rose
Base notes: oolong orchid, patchouli

4.Sage & Sea Salt
Top Note: Juniper, Mandarin
Middle Note: Sea Salt
Base note: Sage

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